Trovati: To be Found

Like its name, Trovati is indeed a great find for any wine-lover looking for a crisp and refreshing glass of vino to complement any setting. Trovati can be enjoyed starting as a light and dazzling aperitivo or as a delicious pairing for il pranzo (lunch) or la cena (dinner). The dry and delicate taste of the Pinot Grigio Rosé, the balanced and harmonious flavors of the Grillo, and the bold, rich, and fruity qualities of the Rosso make each of these wines an exquisite companion for every occasion.

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A Hidden Jewel – il gioiello nascosto

Trovati comes from the Italian word for “found”. This word is generally connected with those unexpected things that make certain moments of life unforgettable. It’s labels feature a stylized version of the nautilus, an ancient fossil found on the Italian Peninsula, from the dolomites to Sicily – indeed we have found a few of them in our vineyard.

Another example of a found object – that brings magic to our lives. Like it’s name, Trovati is indeed a magical find for any wine lover.

Pinot Grigio Rosé

The Story

With this wine, we go back to the origins of Pinot Grigio in the Alps, to when it was grown to produce a Rosato or Rosé wine. In fact, contrary to popular belief, Pinot Grigio grapes range from green to pink to violet. The technique of producing it as a white wine is relatively recent.

About the Vineyard

Cascading from the Italian Alps, the Adige River has sculpted a bright and flourishing valley, known for the treasured vineyards etched into its hillsides. Perched at the foot of these palatial alps, the Mezzacorona vineyards provide an ideal environment for nourishing and sustaining its prized Pinot Grigio grapes. Harvested at the peak of ripeness, the grapes from this sunny alpine locale undergo a special process to ensure a perfect light extraction of pink color. They are then coaxed to create a perfectly balanced, crisp and delightful elixir that we are proud to call Trovati Pinot Grigio Rosé.

Technical Data

Appearance: A very soft and beautiful, light raspberry color
Nose: A very fresh and delicate aromatic profile, characterized by aromas of pink grapefruit, mixed with delicate floral notes
Palate: A pleasant salinity and freshness with a lively and refreshing acidity
Grape: 100% Pinot Grigio
Alcohol: 21%


Excellent with appetizers, vegetables, white meats, poultry and fish.

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Trovati Grillo White Wine Blend


The Story

A varietal to Sicily, Grillo is the most famous white varietal on the island and was historically used for the production of Marsala. Cultivated in Acate, in the province of Ragusa.

About the Vineyard

Sicily, the largest and most famous island in the Mediterranean, boasts a unique wine region as a result of its mineral-rich soil. The land produces some of the most superb wines in Italy because of its ideal growing conditions. From here comes Trovati Grillo, named for the Sicilian native Grillo grapes that are sustainably farmed on an estate in Acate. This small town is home to beautiful vineyards that benefit from the sun and soil and cultivate Trovati wines that reflect the delicious and delightful flavors of southern Sicily.

Technical Data

Appearance: Deep Straw color
Nose: An aroma distinctly tropical with notes of mango and papaya, that blends with inklings of Jasmine and white flowers
Palate: Balanced and harmonious with delicate acidity
Grape: 100% Grillo
Alcohol: 13%


Excellent with seafood, first course pasta dishes with vegetables, white meats, and baked fish. The richness and aromatic fragrance of the Grillo makes it the ideal wine to pair with a dish such as a veal carpaccio with celery and strawberries.


The Story

Trovati Rosso is an opulent wine, where the powerful tannic structure of Cabernet Sauvignon is softened by the smooth hints of Merlot which enhances its fruit forward side, while Syrah gives it an important yet soft body. Bold, rich and fruity, it is an excellent expression of what can be delivered starting from a skilled blend of various grapes, Cabernet, Merlot, and Syrah, grown in the best soil and climate of Sicily.

About the Vineyard

This sustainably farmed estate in Sicily cultivates a wide range of varietals where the best soil and climate characteristics exist. The extraordinarily mineral-rich soil, along with warm, dry summers and cool, wet winters, provides perfect growing conditions for the various grapes comprising Trovati Rosso. The winemaking capabilities of this dynamic Mediterranean region shine with the complex and intriguing qualities of this pleasing wine.

Technical Data

Appearance: An exquisite rich ruby red.
Nose: Red fruit aromas such as strawberries, blueberries and blackberries, with hints of marmalade
Palate: A spicy touch enhances the wine with a more complex and intriguing quality. A very soft and delicate balanced sweetness delivering a silky velvety aftertaste
Grapes: Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon
Alcohol: 13%


Excellent with grilled vegetables, cured meat, mature cheeses, Florentine steaks, and hearty Italian dishes such as mushroom risotto.

Trovati Rosso Red Blend Wine

Trovati is indeed a great find for any wine-lover looking for a crisp and refreshing glass of vino to complement any setting.


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