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Castelvecchio Pinot Grigio
Castelvecchio Cabernet Franc
Castelvecchio Sauvignon Blanc
Castelvecchio Cabernet Sauvignon

Firriato Branciforti
Firriato Harmonium
Firriato Ribeca
Firriato Santagostino
Firriato Etna Rosso
Firriato Etna Bianco
Firriato Jasmin Zibibbo
Firriato Altavilla Della Corte

The Castelvecchio Story

The Terraneo family, the proprietors of the Castelvecchio vineyards demonstrate their zest for life, love of good food, and passion for great wines across multiple generations. Those traits are shared with American-Italian founders of Romano Imports. Looking at their products and their approach to winemaking, one sees in the Terraneos that their commitment to sustainability is built on the love of and respect for the land where the grapes grow and are harvested There is, among all the members of the Terraneo family, a deep pride in the Castelvecchio products passed down through the family tree. They represent the best of the country and honor those who work the soil.

Tricia Romano-Barry knew the moment she met Leopoldo, the patriarch, and his wise and accomplished wife Mirella, that she was among kindred spirits. Now, by sharing products and working together, Romano Imports and Castelvecchio are building the next generation of great wines for enjoyment at the tables and in the gardens of families around the world.


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