Bariano Prosecco D.O.C.

A refreshing glass of Bariano brightens up a mid-day meal or complements a dinner with friends and family. Whether you are enjoying an Italian sunset or reflecting on an American cityscape, this refreshing wine brings joy to the gathering. We have worked together to determine the best taste, texture and depth for our wine that will delight everyone who raises a glass. The bond between our families is reflected in the light color and lovely fragrance of this new and delicious Prosecco — join us and celebrate life!

The Story Behind the Bubbles – Tutto e inziato con l’amore

The Romano family has been in the wine and spirits business for nearly 100 years. And, as with all great stories, the story of Bariano starts with a love story …

Buddy and Florence Romano raised seven children while building the second generation of a Chicago-based wines and spirits distribution company. Their lives were hectic but when they did take a moment, it was with a glass of Prosecco.

Today, Bariano honors that spirit of family, relaxation and love of life with its fresh, elegant and light taste. The name Bariano is a nod to the fourth generation — combining Tricia Romano Barry’s last names. Tricia designed the label and worked alongside the di Gasparetto family to create just the right taste and fragrance from the Glera grapes of northern Italy.

Together they launched Bariano — which is perfect for celebrating love — both old and new.

Wine Notes

The Story

True to our Italian roots…

For more than 100 years, the Romano family was at the heart of the hospitality business in Chicago. Meanwhile, the di Gasparetto family was harvesting grapes in the Italian hills north of Venice. When the two families met many years ago, they made a connection that transcended geography and generations.

Together, these families have forged a bond and built a business, owned and operated by a third-generation daughter of the wine and spirits industry. Today’s vintners have built a new Prosecco, Bariano, to the market.

Bariano, a light, refreshing Prosecco from northern Italy. Created with the cooperation of the two families, it brings a celebratory flavor to the table. After working in the wines and spirits industry for a century, the two families are now entering a new era. They are now committed to the next generation of the wine business bringing new experiences to an old tradition. Bariano is about family but also about fun and friendship. We encourage everyone to try this Prosecco and share it with those they love. Bariano is the first of many delicious wines that will be at the heart of this new collaboration.

About the Vineyard

Rive della Chiesa sits 250 meters altitude above the Mediterranean in the red soil typical of the Montello hills. As you may know, the name of the Prosecco grape was changed to Glera in 2009 to allow Prosecco to be used exclusively for the geographic designation of origin (DOC). The median age of the Glera vines is 18 years.

All grapes for Bariano are harvested in late September, our last harvest having a particularly strong growing season with the perfect amount of sun and dryness, giving our Prosecco its light, pleasant taste and aroma.

Technical Data

Appearance: A straw yellow color with marked green glints. Lasting perlage.

Nose: Aromas of white flowers, pear, apple with a clear hint of sage.

Palate: Light and refreshing with soft fruit notes of lemon and peach

Sugar: 16.50%; Total acidity 6.40 gr./l; pH: 3.22T

Fermentation: 10 days at 18°C in stainless steel tank

Wine: Alcohol 11%; Total acidity 6 gr./l pH; 3.15

shelf talkers

A light and refreshing Prosecco, grown and harvested in Italy at Rive della Chiesa.


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