True to our Heritage – fedele alla nostra eredita

Romano Imports is a new woman-owned venture built on the 100-year-old tradition of Romano Brothers, wine and spirits purveyors who served the Midwest for more than a century. The family has returned to its roots — this time as importers of an exciting range of elegant wines

Our Portfolio – il nostro portafoglio

Barinano Prosecco wine bottles

A light and refreshing Prosecco, grown and harvested in Italy at Rive della Chiesa

A delicious and unique red blend from California’s coastal vineyards, with natural pomegranate juice

A crisp and delightful Italian Pinot Grigio Rosé, with a delicate taste and alluring pink hue

Each of the three Coste del Vulcano wines will tempt you with their individual bouquets that evoke the essence of the region.

Each are bottled to appeal to the tastes of those who enjoy their wine while watching a city sunset surrounded by friends and family

Each are characterized by an innate elegance and a uniqueness that discloses the Karst at each sip

Franklin Road

Franklin Road delicious Cabernet envokes the familiar taste of full-bodied Napa grapes.



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